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Trusted distributed systems Engineer Resarcher

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The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas :
• defence and security,
• nuclear energy (fission and fusion),
• technological research for industry,
• fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.

Drawing on its widely acknowledged expertise, and thanks to its 16000 technicians, engineers, researchers and staff, the CEA actively participates in collaborative projects with a large number of academic and industrial partners.

The CEA is established in ten centers spread throughout France



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List, an institute of CEA Tech, the CEA's technological research division,
has built up unique know-how shaped by a culture of innovation and pursues
the missions of developing and transferring the technologies our
industrial partners need in the field of smart digital systems.

Description de l'unité

At the LIST Institute, in the heart of the Paris-Saclay Campus, the laboratory LICIA is dedicated to the conception and implementation of systems and distributed algorithms like block chain, and its applications

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Mathematics, information, scientific, software


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Trusted distributed systems Engineer Resarcher

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We are a young laboratory, dynamic and growing rapidly. We interact with the most renowned and creative academics and industries in the field. Your work will have a direct and visible impact on the state of the art and the practices in the field of new generation distributed systems.

  1. Your mission is to define the methods and tools for formal conception of new generation distributed systems. You have to:
    ·       Specify a methodology based on the composition of distributed abstractions for  their application to blockchain and dynamic distributed memories
    ·       Develop algorithms for defined abstractions
    ·       Define an abstractions library
  2. You will lead industrial projects using the proposed methodology. You will manage a small team as well as interns and Ph.D. and post-doctorate students.
  3. You develop your research activities: state of the art, publications in scientific conferences and journals, conference organization.

Applicant Profile

After a PhD, you have continued doing research in the distributed systems field for at least two years and/or you were greatly implicated in the realization of a large technical project in the field of distributed and large-scale decentralized systems.
You have acquired:
• A deep knowledge in theoretical distributed computing
• Skills in the architecture of distributed and large scale decentralized systems
• A real ability to express and formalize problems related to concurrency and distribution
• A real interest in formal methods
• A programming experience in distributed systems in one or more of the following languages: Rust, OCaml, C++, C.

Your friends see in you a real ability to listen and communicate. Your curiosity brings you to ask questions in order to better understand your interlocutors and their reality. You like working as a team and being an actor in that team. You can attest to your abilities to manage time constraints and priorities.

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