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Implementation of a Web3 application for green energy certificates H/F

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Description de l'unité

Au sein de CEA Tech qui est le pôle « recherche technologique » de l'organisme, l'Institut LIST dédie ses activités aux systèmes numériques intelligents avec des programmes de R&D dans le manufacturing avancé, les systèmes embarqués, et l'intelligence ambiante. Nous accompagnons nos partenaires dans les domaines des transports, de l'industrie, de l'énergie, de la santé, de la sécurité et de la défense, pour transférer les technologies issues de l'innovation et pour améliorer leur compétitivité.

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Mathematics, information, scientific, software



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Implementation of a Web3 application for green energy certificates H/F


The main feature of Web3 applications is the capability of tracking data ownership in a decentralized way. This opens to new possibilities yet to be fully explored and exploited. Web3 applications can apply to finance, digital credentials, goods tracking, audit, etc.
In the context of this intership we want to exploit Web3 capabilities to green energy tokenization and ownership, aiming at having a useful impact on the current energy consumption system.
More into details, users can sign contracts for green energy supply and obtain green tokens or certificates when they consume green energy. An off-chain dApps is in charge to monitor the blockchain to produce certificates that attest green consumpions and if required, allows to verify and audit the blockchain to verify the validity of a given certificate.
The solution specification is mostly defined and will be provided to the intern by Blockchain experts.

Contract duration (months)


Job description

This internship aims to put in place a Web3 application to track green energy consumption, produce green certificates and audit them. The successful candidate will join the Laboratory for Trustworthy, Smart and Self-Organizing Information Systems[1] (LICIA) at CEA LIST.
The intern will have the following responsibilities:
(1)   Prepare a state-of-the-art on similar solutions and how audit is perfomed in the Web3 context.
(2)   Become familiar with Solidity (Eth 2.0 blockchain) and the Web3 stack.
(3)   Implement the back-end of the Web3 application (on-chain and off-chain).
(4)   Implement the fron-end of the Web3 application.
(5)   Evaluate the solution.

[1] LICIA,



Methods / Means

Solidity, React, IPFS

Applicant Profile

·       Being Master 2 in Computer Science/Engineering.
·       Knowledge about distributed systems in general.
·       Good experience in programming languages for blockchains, like Solidity, is a plus.



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Job location

France, Ile-de-France, Essonne (91)



Candidate criteria

Prepared diploma

Bac+5 - Master 2

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PhD opportunity



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