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Internship - Antenna Array Optimization H/F

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The Antenna, Propagation and Inductive Coupling Laboratory (“Le laboratoire Antenne, Propagation et Couplage Inductif” : LAPCI) integrates the Wireless Technologies Service (STSF) of the Systems Department (DSYS) of CEA-Leti. This service carries out research activities on wireless connectivity themes such as antennas and electromagnetic waves propagation, radiofrequency integrated circuits, connected smart objects, broadband systems and Beyond 5G applications. More specifically, the LAPCI carries out research and development activities on antenna systems, radio frequency front ends and the electromagnetic waves propagation. Its activities deal with the analysis, modeling, design, and experimental characterization of antennas, antenna systems and microwave electronic devices over a wide frequency spectrum (from a few kHz to hundreds of GHz ). These activities are based in particular on extensive expertise in electromagnetism and high-frequency electronics organized around thirty researchers and engineers. The work carried out is based on a set of electromagnetic simulation tools (3D, 2.5D) and a wide range of radio frequency instruments including three specific infrastructures for antenna measurement (anechoic chambers), a channel sounder and a channel emulator.

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Electromagnetism, electrical engineering



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Internship - Antenna Array Optimization H/F


Radiation Pattern Synthesis of Antenna Arrays Using the Characteristic Modes Theory

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In the last decade, the Characteristic Modes Analysis (CMA) became a popular approach in the design and the optimization of antennas [1]. The deep physical insights provided by the CMA offers systematic guidelines towards boosting the antenna performance. One particular interest of CMA is the radiation pattern synthesis of antenna array either to realize a superdirective radiation for the case of compact antennas [2], or reconfigurable radiation for antennas arrays on conducting platforms [3]. On conducting platforms ranging from a small mobile chassis up to aircrafts and vehicles, the CMA is used to identify the radiating modes that are naturally supported by the structure and excite the desired modes using probes.  On the other hand, the radiation pattern synthesis procedure takes advantage of the orthogonality of the Characteristics Modes (CMs), in order to identify their associated weighting coefficients using either a qualitative or an iterative approach. However, such approaches might become time consuming and inefficient.

In this scope, the aim of this internship is to develop an analytical approach to synthesize a desired radiation pattern for an antenna array using the CMs. This approach will serve as a baseline to optimize the radiation pattern of antenna arrays on conducting platforms for reconfigurable and/or superdirective radiations. The internship is organized in three phases:

1.      Bibliography about the CMA and the various approaches for radiation pattern synthesis and CMs excitation on conducting platforms

2.      Developing the numerical tool to optimize the radiation pattern based on CMA

3.      Design and simulation of antenna arrays with optimized radiation patterns using 3D EM software


[1]    M. Cabedo Fabres",Systematic design of antenna using the theory of characteristic modes", Ph. D. Dissertation,Universidad Politecnica De Valencia, February 2007.

[2]    H. Jaafar, S. Collardey and A. Sharaiha, “Characteristic Modes Approach to Design Compact Superdirective Array With Enhanced Bandwidth,” in IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., vol. 66, no. 12, pp. 6986-6996, Dec. 2018

[3]    R. F. M. et al, "Platform-Based, Electrically-Small HF Antenna With Switchable Directional Radiation Patterns," in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 4370-4379, Aug. 2021

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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



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English (Fluent)

Prepared diploma

Bac+5 - Master 2

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