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CDD - Electrical Test and Characterization of MOS devices reliability H/F

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The LETI institute mission is to innovate and transfer these innovations to industry. Its fields of applications span over microelectronics, downscaling, system integration and architecture of integrated circuits, aiming to supports technological changes with a strong social implication: internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, health industry…

With a strong connection to its industrial partners, the LETI institute's breakthrough innovations contribute to enhance reliability and competitivity of their final products.

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Micro and nano technologies


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CDD - Electrical Test and Characterization of MOS devices reliability H/F

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In the context of devices downscaling, it is essential to control the transistors ageing in order to guarantee their long-term operation. To do so, it is necessary to carry out accelerated ageing tests and to develop 'worst case' models which allow, on the one hand, to better understand the physical mechanisms of the involved degradations as well as their interactions and, on the other hand, to predict the evolution of the devices characteristics. Integrated into the circuit design process, these models allow the improvement of the design to optimize performance and lifetime. These ageing tests and analysis are performed in the Laboratory of Electrical Characterization and Reliabillity (LCEF). This project is a collaboration with an industrial partner.


Work description:

The work consists in developing methodologies to test the reliability of commercial MOS devices to identify the key parameters of the involved degradations and investigate degradations modes interactions. The candidate will be in charge of:

Characterization of the devices on a manual test bench, using the in house tests methodologies.
Extracting the relevant devices parameters and develop tools to process the data
Implementing improvements to the tests software and support their migration to Python
Interpreting the results and writing the activity reports
Proposing insight into the involved phenomenon physics and setting up models

Applicant Profile


Electrical engineer, Master degree or PhD in semi-conductor physics or devices electronics with some experience in electrical testing. A good knowledge of the MOS physics is required together with programming skills to pilot the tests, process the data and implement models.


Technical Skills:

Electron devices physics
Semi-conductor electrical and physical characterization
Programming skills (Python)



Open minded

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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



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English (Intermediate)


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