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CDI- Quantum Photonics Engineer

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The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas :
• defence and security,
• nuclear energy (fission and fusion),
• technological research for industry,
• fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences.

Drawing on its widely acknowledged expertise, and thanks to its 16000 technicians, engineers, researchers and staff, the CEA actively participates in collaborative projects with a large number of academic and industrial partners.

The CEA is established in ten centers spread throughout France



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CEA LETI (Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technologies) in Grenoble is a world leading technological research center in NICT (News Information and Communication Technologies). Its primary mission is to develop innovative solutions in its different areas of expertise and transfer them to industry within the framework of industrial partnerships, in order to meet the needs of emerging consumer needs.

Description de l'unité

The activities of the Optics and Photonics department (DOPT) relate to the development of innovative solutions, from technology to systems and components, in the field of imagery and Photonics. Within the DOPT, the Photonic Laboratory for Communications and Computing (LIPS) is a world leader in the development and fabrication of CMOS-compatible silicon photonic components for very high-speed optical communications. The laboratory's work covers the design, manufacture and characterization of hybrid III-V/Si lasers, silicon modulators, Ge/ Si photo-detectors, as well as passive integrated components.

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Optics and Optronics


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CDI- Quantum Photonics Engineer

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Job description

The silicon photonics platform was initially developed to respond to needs of the ‘TeleCom’ and then ‘DataCom’ applications. The maturity of these solutions has now reached the point that this technology now exists in many foundries (R&D and industrial). The challenge ahead is to equip these mature platforms with new capabilities to address new applications. One of the motivations for this diversification is to increase the total addressable market (TAM) of silicon photonics. The second motivation is to allow the creation of new optical functions with significantly higher performance than existing electronic solutions. The role in question fits into this context of diversification. The aim is to strengthen the laboratory’s skills in the design and testing of photonic circuits based on quantum phenomena to address, in particular, quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum calculation.

The candidate will be responsible for developing demonstrating circuits & proofs of concept based on quantum photonics. He/She will have to specify and design the elementary components and to work closely with the fabrication platform to ensure satisfactory circuit performance and the possibility of subsequent industrial transfer

 The succesful candidate's activity will focus on component/circuit design (simulation, modeling and layout). He will also be responsible for optoelectronic characterization as well as the evaluation of components via system models using industrial electronics design software.

The succesful candidate will also be in contact with process and materials experts within LETI in order to direct and exploit their development work within the context of these new silicon photonic applications.

He / She will be expected to propose new development topics, and participate in responses to the requests of industrial customers. This position requires a particular aptitude in communication: both scientific (publication) and managerial (leadership, interaction with the experts of the silicon platform).

Finally, the succesful candidate must contribute to the development of partnerships with research institutes in the field of quantum photonics.



Applicant Profile

A Post-graduate (PhD preferable although not essential) with qualifications in physics, optoelectronics, microtechnologies or microelectronics, the candidate must have first-hand experience in the field of quantum optics.
Experience in some or all of the following areas is also desired: generation / measurement techniques for entanglement of photons and / or electrons, communication protocols based on entanglement, detection and calculation.
Knowledge of quantum network architecture as well as of integrated optics will also be appreciated.

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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



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A Post-graduate (PhD preferable although not essential)


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