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M2 Internship : Electrical characterization of quantum devices towards 2D scalable architectures H/F

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Electronics components and equipments



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M2 Internship : Electrical characterization of quantum devices towards 2D scalable architectures H/F


Electrical characterization of quantum devices towards 2D scalable architectures

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From an applicative standpoint, quantum computing has a strong impact potential both on a societal perspective and economically. Algorithm breakthroughs allow us to imagine tremendous innovations in numerous industrial fields, and experimental results have already demonstrated the possibility to make tens of qubits. The main challenge now resides in bringing these developments up to scale. Our activities aim at building a large scale quantum processor based on Silicon. For this purpose, our team is bulding on Leti's state-of-the art facilities and renown experience in semiconductor fabrication and circuit design. We also have access to world-class expertise in charge and spin quantum properties in silicon nanostructures from fundamental physics researchers from CEA and CNRS. We believe these assets will enable us to define beyond-state-of-the-art qubits both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Using a cryogenic prober tool for statistical tests, which is currently being installed in Leti's facilities, the intern will participate in the electrical characterization of quantum devices. He/She will be in charge of elaborating and setting up systematic test routines on elementary quantum structures. The objective will be to validate not only the device functionnality, but also to establish electrical/hardware/design correlations, and assess the impact of variability. The internship will be supervised by both the device integration and the electrical characterization teams. This work will be part of the development process and benchmark of elementary qubits, which will drive architectural choices for the qubits platform.




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