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Post-doctorat : design et fabrication de qubits de spin sur silicium H/F

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Micro and nano technologies



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Post-doctorat : design et fabrication de qubits de spin sur silicium H/F


In quantum nanoelectronics, one of the major goals is the use of quantum mechanics for the development of more and more efficient nanoprocessors. It requires the ability to control quantum phenomena at the single electron scale within nanostructures. In this context, the electron spin has been identified as a potential candidate to carry the quantum information. We can define the elementary block of a quantum processor by capturing a single electron (and therefore its spin) inside a quantum dot. The development of such quantum circuits will follow the same methods of microelectronic circuit conception, by interconnecting the elementary bricks while respecting the constraints for individual spin control. Nowadays, in quantum dots systems, all the elementary operations required for the functioning of a quantum processor have been demonstrated in trapped spins of AsGa heterostructures. The effort of the spin qubits community turns to the transposition of these demonstrations for trapped s

Contract duration (months)

12 months (renewable 12 months)

Job description

The aim of this project is to develop the post fabrication process and characterization of silicon spin qubits using structures fabricated at CEA-Leti. The interest is twofold: on one hand it permits a rapid characterization of the structures, and on the other hand it provides a way to quickly add new features to coherently manipulate the qubits (electron spin resonance antenna, micro-magnets…) or to assist the readout (addition of local detectors and memories). The candidate will benefit from the extensive knowledge of the Néel group in fabricating and characterizing devices with a full access to the clean room facility (ebeam lithography, deposition, etching) and the resources offered by the technical poles (electronics, cryogenics) for the electronic characterization.

This work is part of a large collaborative effort between the CEA-INAC, CEA-LETI and CNRS-Institut Néel to develop and push the technology of spin qubit in silicon and investigate its potential scalability. Therefore, the candidate will work in close collaboration with the LETI’s device fabrication team to develop the structures dedicated to her/his project. Moreover, the applicant will benefit from the collaboration with Spintec on the integration of magnetic components in the CMOS device.

Applicant Profile

We research a candidate with PhD Thesis degree in condensed matter, micro-nanotechnologies or CMOS device fabrication.


Skills :  

- Expertise in nanofabrication techniques (lithography, deposition, etching…) : define a process flow, supervise the device fabrication, take in charge part of the fabrication steps. Previous experience on silicon device fabrication is highly desirable.

 - Wide knowledge of semiconductor devices : design of the devices. Experience in MOS, RF or quantum devices will be helpful

- Electrical characterization : test the device functionality after fabrication at room and/or low temperature to validate the process/design or provide feedbacks for improvement

- Good written and spoken English, communication skills, ability of writing reports/articles, and team work.

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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



Candidate criteria

Prepared diploma


Recommended training

PhD Thesis degree in condensed matter, micro-nanotechnologies or CMOS device fabrication.


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