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Postdoctoral position in observational cosmology with DESI data at CEA-Saclay H/F

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Corpuscular physics and outer space



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Postdoctoral position in observational cosmology with DESI data at CEA-Saclay H/F

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We are seeking excellent candidates for a postdoctoral position at CEA-Saclay, to work in the observational cosmology group at DPhP / IRFU (Institut de Recherche sur les Lois Fondamentales de l'Univers). Our group has major contributions to the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) survey. The postdoctoral researcher will work on the analysis and interpretation of the DESI Lyman-alpha forest data, especially on its small-scale correlations. Measurements of the associated 1D and 3D properties are expected to yield new results on topics from the physics of the IGM to dark matter, neutrino masses, and the primordial power spectrum. The 5-year-long DESI survey already achieved its first year of observation, so that the successful candidate will have access to a large amount of data. 
The funding is provided through a joint grant from the French and German research agencies (ANR and DFG, respectively), named “DESI-Lya”. Close collaboration is anticipated with our German partners at Aachen (J. Lesgourgues) and Karlsruhe (F. Kahlhoefer), on topics related to modelization, phenomenology and connections with particle physics. The project is expected to start on the 1st of September 2023, but candidates available on a shorter time scale will also be considered on an individual basis. The position is for a 2-year appointment, with a 1-year renewal based upon satisfactory job performance. Applications should consist of a CV and a brief statement of research interests to be submitted electronically to, under a subject heading “DESI-Lya postdoc”. Please arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the above email. Review of applications will begin on December 15, 2022, though we may continue to consider applications received after this date.

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An experience in the analysis and modelling of the Lyman-alpha forest is an asset, although not mandatory. We also welcome previous experience in running N-body or hydrodynamical simulations, and/or handling large data sets from cosmological surveys.

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France, Ile-de-France


cea saclay


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