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Research engineer for integration of access and backhaul links for 5G & Beyond mm wave communication

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Le Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) est un organisme public de recherche.

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Description de la Direction

Located on the MINATEC campus in Grenoble, Leti's main mission is to create innovation and transfer it to industry for medium- and long-term use. Leti's technology research is based on a world-class infrastructure, a focus on economic growth themes, and an intellectual property policy designed to create value for industry.

Description de l'unité

This offer is supported by the LSHD (Wireless Broadband Systems) Laboratory of Leti's Systems Department in Grenoble. This dynamic team of 18 researchers conducts research in the field of broadband radio communications systems (channel coding, modulation, access protocols and radio resource management). The main applications are the evolution of cellular networks (5G, beyond-5G and 6G), satellite communications, and optical wireless communications. The specificity of the laboratory is to gather experts in signal processing, information coding and optimization techniques as well as people working on hardware and software implementation on "custom" targets. This diversity allows the realization of advanced prototypes necessary for the validation and valorization of the work carried out. In parallel, the LSHD laboratory has a strong activity of dissemination and creation of intellectual property with respectively 40 publications and 8 patents per year. Among the laboratory's development axes are the evolution of cellular networks towards 6G as well as the use of new tools such as artificial intelligence for the optimization of network architectures and even the definition and optimization of digital communication systems. Similarly, the design of systems operating in millimeter bands is a growing activity.

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Research engineer for integration of access and backhaul links for 5G & Beyond mm wave communication

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The LSHD laboratory is looking for a research engineer to reinforce its teams.

Context of the research topic

The first versions of the 5G New Radio (5G-NR) standard are today deployed and users can already benefit from the performances of this new generation. A major advance of 5G NR is the use of millimeter frequencies (above 7 GHz), which are expected to provide high throughput due to increased band availability. These frequencies are particularly well suited to the establishment of wireless backhaul links that carry traffic from the core network to small cells. These links are a good alternative to expensive and often difficult-to-deploy fiber optics. The small cells serve the users (access), most often in frequency bands below 7 GHz. In order to save these frequencies, which are scarce and highly solicited, it can be interesting to reuse the frequencies allocated to the backhaul for the access of users near the access point. This is the principle of Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB). However, this raises several technical challenges (see below in the expected contribution).

Related laboratory activities

The LSHD laboratory is very active in IAB related research topics. Researchers have developed expertise in 5G NR physical layer (PHY); 5G transmissions in the 26 GHz band have been demonstrated with custom-built equipment; the lab has participated or is participating in large-scale projects dealing with antenna alignment and beamforming, in close collaboration with the department's Antenna Lab.

Expected contribution

Based on an analysis of the existing literature and using the knowledge acquired in the LSHD laboratory, the researcher will

- Adapt 5G NR PHY parameters and/or waveform to backhaul and access characteristics, aiming to optimize coexistence.
- Define resource allocation strategies for temporally disjoint backhaul and access.
- For joint backhaul and access, study and propose digital precoding solutions aiming at limiting the interference and allowing the power amplifier to operate close to its maximum power.
- For the two previous points, study and develop beam alignment algorithms (discovery and tracking) based on the 5G NR PHY.
- Evaluate the proposed solutions by numerical simulations.
- Contribute to collaborative or industrial projects through this research work.
- Publish research papers in high quality journals and conference proceedings.
- Participate in the patenting activity of the laboratory.
The final objective is a hardware implementation and a demonstration of a selection of the developed algorithms, so the researcher will also have to interface with the researchers responsible for the hardware implementation.

Profil du candidat

Skills, knowledge and experience required:

- Degree, Ph.D. or post-doctorate in signal processing
- Algorithmic (ideally MATLAB or C/C++)
- knowledge of 5G
- experience in beam alignment issues
- fluent professional English
- writing skills
Skills, knowledge and experience that would be a plus
- knowledge of 5G NR physical layer (waveform, frame format, numerologies, ...)
- knowledge of hardware implementation (RFSoC, HDL, FPGA)
- knowledge of full duplex in-band techniques

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Localisation du poste

France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



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PHD, Master


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