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Scaling evaluation of ultra-low power HfO2-based ferroelectric memories towards 28nm node H/F

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Micro and nano technologies



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Scaling evaluation of ultra-low power HfO2-based ferroelectric memories towards 28nm node H/F


The recent discovery of ferroelectricity in HfO2 thin films generates a strong interest in integrating this CMOS-compatible and scalable material in ultra-low power ferroelectric memories and neuromorphic circuits. Within the last 6 months excellent results were reported on HfO2-based ferroelectric capacitors integrated in the Back-End Of Line of 130nm CMOS, confirming their potential for non-volatile memory applications. In this context, HfO2-based ferroelectric capacitors will be fabricated and electrically characterized to assess their potential to be scaled towards 28nm node.

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The candidate will perform advanced electrical characterization on state-of-the-art TiN/doped HfO2/TiN single capacitors with different areas, as well as 16kbit FeRAM arrays. Remanent polarization, coercive field, and imprint values will be extracted as a function of cycling (endurance) and temperature (data retention) for various pulse voltages/durations. Based on array characterization where large statistics is available, the physical mechanisms responsible for the reliability issues will be investigated. The results will be used to optimize the capacitor electrical properties to further design low voltage, ultra fast, scaled FeRAM memory arrays integrated within 28nm FDSOI node.

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Master 2 student

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France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Isère (38)



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Prepared diploma

Bac+5 - Master 2

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Ecole d'Ingénieur dans le domaine de la microélectronique / physique des semiconducteurs

PhD opportunity