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Research scientist - experimenter in nanophotonics H/F

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Le Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA) est un organisme public de recherche.

Acteur majeur de la recherche, du développement et de l'innovation, le CEA intervient dans le cadre de ses quatre missions :
. la défense et la sécurité
. l'énergie nucléaire (fission et fusion)
. la recherche technologique pour l'industrie
. la recherche fondamentale (sciences de la matière et sciences de la vie).

Avec ses 16000 salariés -techniciens, ingénieurs, chercheurs, et personnel en soutien à la recherche- le CEA participe à de nombreux projets de collaboration aux côtés de ses partenaires académiques et industriels.  



Description de la Direction

The Division for Fundamental Research (DRF), implemented on all civilian centers of the CEA, has as its main objective to undertake fundamental research in relation to the missions of the CEA in the fields of physics, chemistry and life sciences, in which its excellence is internationally recognized
The proposed position will be at the Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation (IRAMIS), more particularly in the Condensed matter laboratory (SPEC).

Description de l'unité

The SPEC is a joint laboratory CEA-CNRS (UMR) which includes about 160 people and conducts multidisciplinary research in condensed matter, from quantum physics to complex systems. The LEPO group includes six permanent researchers, a research engineer and a technician. It carries out research in the field of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale, in particular in nanoparticle assemblies and organized molecular systems. The LEPO approach is based on the design of original photonic nano-objects, in collaboration with other material science teams, and the development of original near-field measurement methods, based on local probes or electron photoemission. The current research topics concern local field enhancements in plasmonics, metamaterials or 2D materials, and their applications in advanced imaging and microscopy techniques for biology, biomedical, microelectronics, 2D materials, or recently as single photon sources.

Description du poste


Physique de l'état condensé, chimie et nanosciences



Intitulé de l'offre

Research scientist - experimenter in nanophotonics H/F

Statut du poste


Description de l'offre

The LEPO group of SPEC is looking for an experimental physicist to take part in our current projects and propose new developments towards the understanding and control of the photonic response of nanomaterials.

These studies may include the development and implemnetation of new concepts of optical and multimodal microscopy at the nanometer scale, taking advantage of optical near field measurements and local probe techniques, as well as the design of nanolabels ...

These researches are integrated in a team work, a strong synergy with the group being expected.

Profil du candidat

The person recruited will have a PhD in nanosciences completed by a first post-doctoral research experience (~ 2 years).

He/she will have acquired solid skills in the fields of electromagnetism and nanophotonics, with previous experience in the implementation of experimental techniques specific to nanoscience: local probes, optical or electronic near-field, etc.

Knowledge in the implementation of nanomaterials or organic materials would be appreciated. Experience working in clean rooms would be considered a plus.

Scientific communication skills, writing skills, rigor and scientific integrity will be particularly taken into account, as well as human qualities and teamwork skills.

The person recruited will rely on the tools/skills present in the laboratory, in close collaboration with the technicians, researchers and engineers of the laboratory. He/she will be a driving force in developing new projects and expanding the group's thematic scope.

The candidates will have to constitute a file including:

  • a curriculum vitae,
  • a list of publications,
  • letters of recommendation,
  • a short text summarizing their past work,
  • the project (in 2 pages) that he/she wishes to propose in the framework described above
  • a letter of motivation justifying the adequacy of their profile with the position and the proposed project.

Deadline for applications: 15/01/2023

A shortlist of candidates will be drawn up for an audition by an advisory selection committee in february 2023.

The position will be offered starting on March 1st 2023

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Localisation du poste

France, Ile-de-France, Essonne (91)



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Anglais (Courant)


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