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Failure Analysis Engineer H/F

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Micro and nano technologies


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Failure Analysis Engineer H/F

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Job description

In the context of a partnership between CEA and Texplained, a job of Failure Analysis (FA) Engineer is open. The main mission will consist in preparing samples in Texplained FA Lab, and then operate the high resolution imagery of each layer of the chips with a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). The end goal being the reverse engineering of the prepared and imaged targets.


Your everyday work will consist in creating « recipes » which combine techniques and tools aiming at exposing each metal layer of the chips, in the most clean and even way.

To do so, you will have access to:

  • All the chemicals used for wet etching purpose
  • Polishers for mechanical etching
  • Plasma etcher for dry etching and RIE process
  • Broad Beam for wide etching with ions
  • Sputter coater for metal deposition

in order to be able to depackage and then delayer Integrated Circuits of different types of architectures and physical constructions (aggressive tech nodes, smart cards, etc.).


You will then inspect the prepared chips with our SEMs, and finally scan the entire layers to obtain images of the full IC’s internal construction, with the best possible contrast.


A training will be given to you in order for you to learn how to modify the internal structures of chips with a FIB (Focused Ion Beam), in the context of the data extraction and/or hardware security analysis for anti-piracy purposes.


If successful, this contract aims at being transformed into a permanent one.

Applicant Profile

You are graduated in microelectronics (design and IC technology, semiconductor physics) and have a concrete experience with the equipments and methods used in the Failure Analysis field. 

You are creative, autonomous, well organized and very rigorous, which are mandatory sift skills to succeed in the job.

You have already worked in an ITSEF (IT Security Evaluation Facility) or in a Failure Analysis Lab dedicated to semiconductor.

Your technical knowledge covers:

  • The ICs’ physical architecture
  • The sample preparation in the context of FA and/or Hardware Reverse Engineering

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France, Provence-Côte d'Azur, Alpes Maritimes (06)




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